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It’s stress awareness month, but unfortunately that doesn’t limit our rising stress levels to April alone. A massive 40% of adults in the UK experience stress in the workplace, and this leaps to 52% in the tech industry. Instead of depressing you further with all the reasons why, we thought we’d focus on the awesome tech inventions that are out there specifically to relieve stress, make life easier and lessen the load. Here are our top five stress busting tech inventions:


Pip is a handheld device that communicates your stress levels with an app on your phone. The app then uses audio and visual feedback to externalise your body’s changing stress levels to allow you to encourage relaxation and positivity. Created by Professor Ian Robertson, Pip has been hailed as a brilliant tool for those with Autism and other neurodiversity issues.


Calm is the number one sleep app for a reason; they offer a new ten minute meditation every day, and the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Keith Urban are on hand to narrate soothing stories to lull you to sleep after a stressful day. Founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith, along with meditations the app contains music, sleep stories and a range of masterclasses on mindfulness.


Muse headbands translate your brain activity into the sounds of the weather. Muse is an EEG device used widely by neuroscience researchers to interpret your mental activity. the headbands main aim is to help guide you towards calm thoughts. As your brain gets distracted, the device plays stormier weather to help you regain your focus.


The Movano ring is designed to provide you with accurate data on your sleep, heart rate and body temperature just for starters. The least intrusive of any wearable, this data then gets analysed on the connected app, allowing you to track your long and short-term mental and physical health.


Healium is a mental fitness app that uses virtual and augmented reality to manage stress and anxiety. Using brainwaves and heart rate data sent from an EEG headband or Apple watch, it can help combat the symptoms of anxiety, addiction and pain. Healium brands itself as a workout for your brain, helping you use your brainwave data to power VR meditation experiences to train specific aspects of your mental fitness.

Technology focused on mental health is a booming market – it’s shown dramatic growth in recent years. Stress busting tech inventions have also opened up a whole new frontier in mental health via data collection. With most mental health tech relaying data to smart phone apps, it’s opened doors to researchers who now have new ways to monitor progress and understanding. It’s definitely a sector worth keeping an eye on in the near future.

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