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If you work in climate tech you’ll no doubt be going through exciting times.

Despite most of the world’s focus getting taken over by the terrible situation in Ukraine and Covid still hanging around like a bad smell, global warming waits for nobody.

At COP 26 last Autumn, world leaders signed two important documents – the Glasgow Climate Pact, and the Paris Rulebook. Nations have agreed to turn the 2020’s into a decade of climate action and support, and tech is at the forefront.  Want to get involved? Here’s a quick look at some of the climate tech leaders you might want to set your sights on:


Almond is a free app that empowers you to become carbon balanced by helping you to ‘Buy Better, Act Better and Offset the Rest’. Almond was created because the founders were feeling powerless in their role within the climate crisis. They want to show people that together we can be powerful, by choosing brands alternative to those dominating the industry and proving that we care about the way the products we are consuming are produced and the impact they have on people and planet.


Ecologi is a subscription service for your carbon consumption, a bit like Netflix for the planet. You can compensate for your carbon footprint by funding climate projects, setting yourself eco goals and track your success as you progress. It’s also great because customers have complete transparency over where their money goes each month.


Tred are a green fintech company. Their credit cards are made from recycled ocean plastic, and they plant trees when their customers spend money, calculating the carbon offset against their spending habits. You can get insights into your spending, so you can learn which aspects of your lifestyle are having the biggest impact and take effective action. Tred will also suggest sustainable switches you can make to reduce your impact further.


Wondrwall is a climate tech company dedicated to changing the way we live and how we use energy, by combining intelligent AI powered home automation with clean energy production and effective heating systems, Wondrwall helps the world’s homes save money and time, alongside saving the environment.


Giki have build a platform that helps organisations engage and educate their staff to help the cut carbon. The platform combines a detailed, science-based carbon calculator with 130 personalised steps, a toolkit for sustainability leaders to engage staff and teams, plus leader boards and achievements to encourage change through gamification.

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