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As we continue to adapt and evolve to agile, remote working structures, tech leaders are leading the charge in creating organisational change through the implementation of increasingly sophisticated and intuitive technology systems. These tech innovations mean that the way organisations interact and interpret their customers’ and own employees’ digital behaviours is efficiently translated into tangible insight and strategy, earning tech leaders a new status as ‘change agents’.

Leaders as change agents

Whilst the concept of leaders as change agents may not be new, thinking about tech leaders as change agents is. Typically, tech leaders are not associated with or credited for leading change when it comes to company culture, market positioning, operational insight, etc.

However, with the greater dependence on technology systems to connect teams and with workforces no longer anchored to a physical office every day, tech leaders are the change agents that drive organisational growth and culture. Company culture can now be tangibly addressed through the choice of internal communications processes and technology systems, and wider business strategy can now be informed by insights produced from real-time data as well as patterns produced year-on-year.

This new breed of tech leaders are shoring up their tech functions as a partner to business decision making, building more than digital strategies, but driving strategies that will thrive in a digital world.

Change agent characteristics

While there are many different types of change agent that have proved effective for creating organisational change, there are four commonly shared characteristics that they leverage to ensure success:


The route to change is never a clear path, so change agents need to be able to adapt to new information, resolve issues or workaround roadblocks. For tech leaders, this is extremely important as technology systems pose myriad challenges that require creative problem solving and an agile attitude.

Commercial acumen

Change agents need to be keenly aware of growth opportunities and align their strategies to maximise results. This is not always associated with tech departments, even if tech leaders know that commercial viability, benefits and profitability as well as functionality form a significant part of their own decision-making processes.

Focused on results

Being able to hit KPIs or recognise where KPIs need to be adjusted or changed is extremely important for a successful change agent. For tech leaders this can also involve presenting information about KPIs and metrics in digestible ways so that executive-level management understand how projects are progressing.

Encouraging organisation-wide buy in

Related to how you present key metrics and information, the challenge for tech leaders as change agents lies in being able to convey the necessity and value of their proposed change to all levels of stakeholders in the organisation.

3 tips for successful technology and innovation management for change agents

1. Look forward

Ensuring all tech systems are consistently supporting business development and optimising operations is one aspect of change and innovation management for tech leaders, but remaining open to further change, innovation, new trends and new ways of working will be key to remaining agile and able to support a business through any economic climate the future may hold.

2. Encourage collaboration

Ensuring there is an easy flow of communication and a culture of collaboration, problem solving and an exchange of ideas across departments or teams will be paramount to supporting innovation for years to come and will embed a great working culture throughout the organisation.

3. Build the right team

Having the right team of tech talent to implement your vision for your organisation’s technology usage is key to securing successful innovation. Getting in touch with a specialist tech recruiter, like Formula, can help you ensure you’re always attracting the right talent who align with your company’s core values and your own vision for the future.

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