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It’s no secret that the market for hiring top talent in the tech industry is competitive, particularly after a period of increased digitalisation and advancements in the sphere. With the shift to more hybrid-models of working, organisations are looking to improve cyber security, successfully adopt technological innovations to remain competitive, and implement the right digital tools to ensure their remote teams remain productive. As a result, there has been rising demand for tech candidates as companies fight over the specialist knowledge and skills they need to drive results. Sculpting dynamic, informative and attractive job descriptions has never been more important.

For employers to be heard above the noise, creating an inclusive and engaging job description is key. Not only will this enable you to hire the right individuals for the role, it will improve your candidate attraction and retention which in turn, will promote your employer brand and gain you that competitive edge. Digital skills are the foundation on which our future is built, and recruiting the right talent is vital for unlocking growth, boosting productivity, and supporting innovation!

How to develop a job description to attract the right tech talent

Hiring the right tech talent for your business starts with perfecting your candidate attraction strategy and that means, first and foremost, creating the right job description that’s targeted to the correct talent pool. Here, an effective and inclusive job description is key in order to successfully bring a diverse range of highly talented individuals into your pipeline.

You want to ensure that you’re not turning away talent before they even apply, by being clear on what is an essential skill and what’s a ‘nice to have’. Try to maintain the right balance so you’re attracting the best candidate for the skillset required, while encouraging those with extra capabilities to make them known.

Some Formula tried-and-tested job description strategies you can use to ensure you’re attracting high-calibre tech talent and stand out in a crowded market include:

  • Focus on growth and self-development

Candidates will not only like to learn about their day-to-day roles and responsibilities, but also how focused a potential employer will be on their continual professional development. Individuals that work in the tech industry are driven by knowledge, as well as the endless opportunities to innovate.
Make sure you highlight the potential for advancement but also, equally importantly, how their job will contribute to the overall business objectives.

  • Promote company culture

Company culture is everything and each candidate that reads your job spec will want to understand whether or not they will be a good fit for your business and ultimately, enjoy working there. Feel free to outline benefits, perks, remote working opportunities, flexible schedules, and how you promote collaboration amongst your teams. Really give them a sense of what makes your team tick.

  • Sell your job

This is an opportunity for you to sell your job and sell your company to prospective candidates. Discuss how you’re making waves in the industry or your recent successes. You can even include testimonials from existing employees highlighting how they love working at your business, any detail to elevate your job ad and entice candidates to apply is a bonus.

  • Avoid biases

Make sure you avoid using gender-specific pronouns and demonstrate the diversity of your existing employees, whether that’s by including photos, graphics or other multimedia supplements. Eliminating biases from your job descriptions will widen your talent pool and mean you’re more likely to not only improve the diversity of applicants, but speed up the recruiting process by sourcing the right talent from the start.

  •  Get creative!

Candidates that are looking for roles spend a long time reading job descriptions, so think about how you can differentiate yours from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

How can we support your talent attraction strategies?

Do you ever wish you had a recruitment specialist who cares as much about your business as you do? A team who can work alongside you to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction?

At Formula, we get to know you, your organisation and what you’re trying to achieve in the long-term to make sure we get you there! We source high-quality talent with a view to your current needs, and your long-term strategy.

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