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Marcus Tansey, technology consultant for Formula recruitment gives his top tech CV tips. Watch the video and find the full transcript below.



Video transcript for Top Tech CV Tips:

This video is aimed at helping anyone who is currently designing their tech CV, and based on real feedback we have had from the clients we work with.

We’ve seen a lot of CVS’s that can be deemed good and bad, so we thought it would be a good idea to get these CV tips to you before you go ahead and make yours.

Tip One – Make sure your spelling and punctuation is on point

This tip goes for anyone hoping to secure their next job with a great tech CV, and not just positions in the software engineering and tech space. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens, and it’s an easy mistake to make, but it can be really detrimental and give the person reviewing a bad impression. It can give an impression of not paying enough attention to detail, and obviously in coding that isn’t what you want when trying to impress a potential employer. A simple spell check should suffice for this, or there’s a platform called Grammarly that can really help to improve this side of things. Or even just ask a friend or family member to give your CV a read over for you.

Tip Two – Presentation and layout

Your tech CV is not only a chance to demonstrate your experience and qualifications, but also an opportunity to showcase your eye for detail. This goes particularly for those operating in the design, frontend engineering and UI/UX space – it’s a real chance to demonstrate your appreciation for clean well laid out design. This should go for anybody and not just those operating in this space, as those reviewing aren’t always technical people and a pleasant visual is always nice.

Tip Three – Keep it as short as possible

Similar to the above point, this really helps with how neat your CV can be. A tech CV should be in most cases not any longer than 3 pages. A brief description explaining the role or project and key tech/skills listed should suffice in most cases. Obviously this is more difficult with the more experience you gather over the years, but if this effects the length one piece of advice would be to keep your most recent experience more detailed and the earlier roles less so.

Tip Four – Customise

Don’t be afraid to tailor your tech CV to each role you apply for, and focus on your most relevant skills to that particular position. Check to make sure that all relevant skills to the job are listed on your CV, and if they’re not, make sure to include them.  I always advise anyone I work with to highlight their skills for that particular role.


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