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There are many benefits to a career in tech, an exciting atmosphere, the chance to be creative, the satisfaction that you’re always working towards development and improving lives, and so much more! However, there can be drawbacks too, and one of those drawbacks can be high levels of stress on occasion.

Whether you’re working in a fast-paced tech startup, where your role may be broad and encompass a lot of different responsibilities whilst having to meet very fast-paced deadlines, or you’re in a larger, more established organisation where your hard work and commitment may feel unrecognised by your employer, stress can be a common factor of both.

Top 10 causes of stress at work

Stress can be caused by several variables in the workplace, though according to study by employee benefits platform Perkbox, the top 10 causes of work-related stress are:

  • 37% work-related office politics
  • 34% lack of interdepartmental communications
  • 33% the work performance of others e.g. junior members of the team
  • 31% own performance
  • 26% customer/ client satisfaction levels
  • 26% tensions with senior members of staff/ managers
  • 25% long working hours
  • 18% poor company culture
  • 18% the company’s performance as a whole
  • 15% other

At times, stress can be a great motivator and can help you achieve your targets and objectives. However, when you’re required to hit fast-paced deadlines for extended periods of time, it’s no longer a motivator and can actually be the opposite! However, through a few simple tips and tricks, you can develop your tech career without fear of burnout.

How to manage stress at work

Whilst we can’t promise to eliminate all of the stress from your job or your life, following a few of the tips below will give you the breathing space to prioritise and get through any stressful situation, project or period.

  • Hone your time-management skills

This will help you stay organised and ensure you don’t reach a point where you feel overwhelmed due to a heavy workload or tight deadlines. Try writing a priority list at the beginning of your week and then a checklist of what jobs need doing day by day, so that you stay on track.

  • Commit to a healthy work-life balance

Being available around the clock will lead to burnout. Set clear boundaries between your professional and personal life and set aside time for socialising with friends and family, where your work phone or laptop is switched off.

  • Take breaks!

Make sure you take breaks throughout the day away from your computer screen and ensure you have time for lunch. Taking even a few minutes of personal time during a busy day can help prevent burnout.

  • Spend time on self-care

Set aside time for self-care if you regularly find yourself feeling overwhelmed at work. This means prioritising sleep, taking time to enjoy yourself, eating well, and taking regular exercise throughout the week.

  • Use relaxation techniques

There are a number of relaxation techniques that can help you stay focused during the week, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness. Relaxation strategies can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and release any built-up tension, allowing you to refocus your energy in a healthy and productive way.

  • Remember to communicate

Communication is key to managing heavy workloads. Having open and honest conversations about feeling stressed at work will help to share the burden and not make you feel so isolated, but also allow you to hear advice and support to try and make things easier.

  • Seek support as soon as you need it

Asking for support from your manager will help to alleviate the stress of unmanageable workloads. Ask to set up a meeting where you can talk openly about the challenges you’re facing and approach the conversation from a place of problem solving, as opposed to listing complaints. Demonstrate that you are being proactive and would like to establish a solution moving forward to remain productive.

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