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So you want to know how to write a CV? No problem! The tech industry is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You need to get noticed.  According to Tech Nation Report, the UK is maintaining its lead as one of the world’s premier centres for tech of all kinds, with investment rising by 17% last year – which is the highest rate of growth globally! It’s certainly an exciting time to be part of the field as it continues to innovate and push boundaries.

So, in an uber-competitive market, how can you write a CV that stands out when it’s up against hundreds of others? Whether you’re a data engineer, senior software engineer, head of data and analytics or have another fantastic awesome role in the tech industry, your CV is the first piece of evidence potential employers see and it’s crucial to make a lasting impact. Find out how to write a CV that stands out with the Formula guide.

Top tips to writing a CV for a technical job

When constructing your CV for the tech job of your dreams, it is important to be to the point and put emphasis on your experience and potential. Demonstrate you’re up to date with industry trends and don’t be afraid to be creative when outlining what value you can add to the business and how you’ll make a great addition to the team.

Our other top tips to ensure you make it through the selection process are:

  • Personal information on a CV – show yourself off!

Remember that recruiters, talent managers or prospective employers will have to sift through a lot of CVs when filtering through their candidates. How are you going to ensure you effectively relay your personality on paper and make a good first impression? Concise language is key, though it’s not easy to hit the mark.

Rather than going off on a tangent in your personal summary, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why should they hire you specifically?
  2. What unique traits do you have that will benefit business?
  3. Why do you fit their company culture?
  4. How can you show you’re a team player?
  • Technical summary

Tech recruiters often have key skills and qualifications they immediately look for when sifting through CVs. Make sure your skills and key competencies in your tech field are clearly defined in a distinct section and draw attention to your strengths.

As you’re already aware, the tech industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to demonstrate that you are up to date with the latest innovations. Don’t forget to show your focus on continuous learning and development and how you have made the effort to gain new insights and skills throughout your tech career.

  • Performance figures

As opposed to relying on just outlining your skills and experience, it is important to highlight how you have applied these competencies in previous positions and how you have achieved results. Potential employers are likely to be uninterested in long descriptions of your responsibilities at your previous role, but rather how you made a difference to the organisation.

Detail tangible results and show that you can quantify your contributions, as every employer is looking to hire individuals who can create immediate value and fulfil their expectations. Ask yourself:

  1. What challenges have I faced?
  2. How did I overcome them to ensure success?
  3. How did my skills benefit the business?
  • Emphasise how you will immediately add value

Focus on how you will make an immediate impact on the employer’s ongoing tech projects, show that you have researched the company and are invested in their future success. Demonstrating how you can hit the ground running from day one and instantly benefit your prospective employer will undoubtedly make your CV stand out from the crowd. They’ll be interested in hearing more about how your clearly highlighted skills and attributes make you the perfect candidate.

How can we help?

Now you know how to write a CV that stands out. You have worked hard to get where you are, and we know unless you have a recruitment specialist who cares as much about your career as you do, it is tough to unearth the ultimate position.

When you discover a trusted recruitment partner committed to your career needs, a limitless world of opportunity awaits.

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