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Happy Valentine’s Day! While other companies are using today to sell an abundance of cheap flowers and chocolate, we’re managed to link the good old St Valentine to recruitment. Clever, eh?
The similarities between first dates and interviews are bigger than you might have thought. The jitters that kick in beforehand, as well as the debate about how much stalking to partake in are pretty much identical to that date you met on Hinge last week. We’ve compiled 5 other similarities and dropped in some handy tips to help you overcome those first date/interview hurdles.

You’ll flirt a little first

You want to gather information while at the same time giving strong hints that you’re keen. A sly peek at their LinkedIn page to flag up that you’ve been doing your research is standard pre-interview protocol. Then you have the anxiety over how far to take it. Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable for the employer to get a notification that you’ve looked at their profile, but do you go as far as sending that connection request? We’d say hold off. It’s perfectly acceptable to drop a message across to show your interest, but save that connection for when the job is in the bag.

The vibe

Like a first date, the atmosphere that hangs about in the interview room can be changed so easily by how you’re feeling about the situation. If you walk into the room (or Zoom call as the case may be) with confidence and an air of fun, that tenseness can be snuffed out quickly. Stand tall, smile brightly, ask questions and genuinely listen to the response. You’ll be off to a great start.


Nobody feels a connection with someone who only talks about themselves. Although the interviewer will be in the driving seat when it comes to questions, it’s still essential that you keep those ears open and take in every bit of information they drop in. Store that info up, because it’ll be essential to give engaging answers that stand out from the crowd. Ask questions too. Don’t wait for the “have you any questions?” chat – drop in a few along the way to appear genuinely interested in the business, and where it’s heading.

One Chance to Impress

First impressions always count, and can never be redacted. If you’re a bit late it’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world. If you’re late and you don’t apologise, you may as well go home. It shows you lack team skills and have no empathy, not ideal in a date or employee! Dress to impress. Do your research into the company culture to find out what the dress code is, and if in doubt go smart. Overdressed is better than turning up in ripped jeans when the whole office looks like a Saville Row advert.

Post meeting phone stalking

Thought you were confident and sure of yourself? Then why do you find yourself checking the phone for missed calls at all hours? Setting the ringer to loud even when you’re in a meeting? You’ve caught the post interview phone stalking syndrome. All you can do is be patient and wait, however it’s always good to ask what timeframe is at the end of the interview, so you know when you’ve gone past the point of reasonable hope.

Ultimately it always boils down to putting your best self forward and having enough self-worth to be confident in your abilities. Relax, be yourself. And if you make a mistake, apologise and prove you are better than that.

If you would like any further interview advice, get in touch via email here. We’ll leave the dating advice at the door.

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